Mowing Meter: Fitness tracking for the back Yard

Get your lawn on!

Have you ever found yourself wondering just how much exercise you get from mowing the lawn with a push or walk behind lawnmower?

Mowing Meter is here to answer that very question. Simply tap and hold the screen to start mowing and when you're done, tap and hold again to stop. You'll be able to monitor your progress as you mow in distance, time, & step count. You'll even get a score based on the rate at which you mow! When you're not currently mowing, Mowing Meter always displays the stats for your most recent mow. It's just that easy!

Mowing Meter is powered by the motion coprocessor in your iOS device, as long as it is a 5s or newer, and is designed to have a very low impact on your device resources and battery life.

If your device doesn't have a motion coprocessor, you will still be able to track your mowing time, distance and get a score. Step Counting is however not supported on the iPhones 4s, 5 or 5c.

Mowing Meter is coming soon to the App Store but you can sign up for the soon to open public beta right now with the form below. You can also follow Mowing Meter on Twitter for updates.

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