Put your financial record keeping and bill planning on auto with Money Pilot

Money Pilot is now available for iPhone.

 Read more below or jump right in with a quick tour of what Money Pilot offers.


4inch planner.png

Financial planning based around your pay days

The Planner tab is your heads up display on how your finances stand, and what is coming in the future. At a glance get the total balance of all your accounts, how much money you'll have left over after paying your currently due bills, and a look at all the bills due for the next few weeks, or pay checks. Money Pilot will intelligently sort your bills based on the pay check you will most likely need to pay them out of, or by weeks if you don't enter your own pay schedule. All the bills due for a given week or pay check is just a flick of the finger away.

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All your transactions are just a few taps away

The Accounts tab is where your money lives. You'll find a list of all your accounts with the transactions for each account just a tap away. At the top of the transaction list you'll find the current balance. With the reconciler enabled, swipe the balance to the left, and you'll find the totals for pending, posted, or uncleared transactions. Tap those cells to filter the transaction list, to help you reconcile your records with your banks at any time.

Take control your self and mark transaction status manually one at a time or in batches, or turn on the Auto Reconciler, in the settings tab Auto Pilot area, and the process of marking your transactions as pending and posted can be automated based on how old a transaction is.


4inch bills.png

All your Bills & Paydays for the next year

In the Bills tab you'll find a list of all your bills for the coming year. At the top of this list scroll side ways to view and edit all of your recurring bills. You can add bills with a variety of recurrence options, or enter single non recurring bills. You can even later convert single bills to recurring with only a few taps.

The Paydays tab always has a list of all your paydays through out the end of the next current year.  You can add pay schedules with a variety of frequency patterns. Most typical pay cycles are supported, and you can add multiple pay cycles. If you live in a joint income house hold, its just as easy to have bills planned around 2 or more checks as it is 1.

Creating transactions in your accounts for bills and pay days is only a tap away. Turn on the Auto Pilot and you can have transactions automatically create for bills that are setup as "Auto Pay", and paydays that are set up as "Direct Deposit".