Money Pilot can use iCloud to sync all of your data and most settings between iOS devices.


To enable iCloud sync just choose Use iCloud at the prompt during the first time you launch the app or in the settings tab. All existing data in the app will be moved into iCloud. Most of the time the iCloud sync is very reliable and pretty fast. That being said, iCloud sync is usually more reliable with smaller change sets. You can improve syncing results and change import times by opening Money Pilot on all your devices frequently. The less changes to be imported at a time the better. You can verify the last time Money Pilot imported changes from iCloud in the settings tab.

If you find that Money Pilot does not seem to be syncing correctly, Try the following steps to get sync working again. 

  1. Double check that you have iCloud Documents & Data for Money Pilot turned on for your device in the iOS settings app, and that you are logged into the same iCloud account on all your devices.
  2. Double check that you have "Use iCloud" on in the Money Pilot settings tab.
  3. Restart all your devices. Press and hold Home and Sleep until the white Apple logo appears. 
  4. Sometimes just waiting a while is the answer. Occasionally the iCloud sync can take longer than expected.
  5. Try to create a throw away account in the accounts tab. iCloud syncs are triggered by changes in the data base. Creating an account may trigger Money Pilot to start syncing again. Once the account appears on another device delete it from there and make sure it also disappears from the original device.
  6. If all these steps fail to get syncing working again you may need to do a full Money Pilot iCloud Reset. See The next section for more information. 

If the steps in the above section fail to get Money Pilot Syncing again you can follow these steps as a last resort.  This will wipe out and rebuild Money Pilots iCloud data store.

  1. Choose the device that has the best data you want to keep, and delete Money Pilot from your other devices. 
  2. In the settings tab of Money Pilot flip the switch "Use iCloud" to the off position. 
  3. In the alert that pops up choose "Remove Data From iCloud" 
  4. Visit iCloud in the settings app for your device and verify that Money Pilot no longer has data stored in iCloud,  If it does delete it. 
  5. Now turn the "Use iCloud"  switch back on in Money Pilot settings tab.
  6. Install Money Pilot back on your other devices and choose use iCloud on the first run prompt. 
  7. All your data should download and syncing should resume normally.