Help! All My Data has doubled.


Money Pilot has a built in data deduplicator that runs on it's own and should help prevent & fix this. In most cases it should run and clean up any duplicated data before you ever notice it. If you ever find that your data has been doubled, follow the steps below to help get it cleaned up.

  1. If you ever experience duplicated data, open Money Pilot on all your devices. 
  2. Add in a new temporary throw away account on one of your devices.
  3. Leave Money Pilot open long enough on all devices to ensure all devices are in sync. 
  4. Close Money Pilot on all devices. 
  5. Wait 5 minutes or longer then open Money Pilot ON ONLY 1 DEVICE
  6. In some cases you may need to repeat step 5 a few times to get all duplicated data cleaned up. Wait at least 5 minutes with Money Pilot closed, or in the background, between attempts. Always work with the same device for each attempt. Don't open Money Pilot on any other devices until you observe all duplicates removed.
  7. Once you observe that all the duplicated data has been cleaned up, delete the throw away account and then open Money Pilot on your other devices and wait for the changes to sync to other copies of Money pilot.