Money Pilot - Personal Finance On Auto Pilot For iPhone

Special 12 Day Promotion Just In Time To Help Manage Holiday Expenses

To kick things off Money Pilot will be Free all day December 19, and will then remain on sale for $0.99 through January 1, 2014.

Happy Holidays from Money Pilot!!!

    Money Pilot is a new personal finance manager for the iPhone running iOS 7. In addition to detailed record keeping of accounts and expenses, it also functions as a bill planner that implements a planning strategy based on your own personal pay schedule. You set up Money Pilot with all your account details, pay schedule, and bills, then enter your expenses into it as you spend money and pay your bills. You’ll always know how much money you have, what bills are currently due, and most importantly how much money is left over. Money Pilot will give you a solid bill payment plan tailored to your own pay schedule. If you are in a multiple income household, Money Pilot has you covered there as well. Enter as many pay schedules as you need and Money Pilot will create a plan to tell you what bills are due, and which paycheck they’ll need to be paid from. With iCloud sync enabled, shared finances have never been easier. You can share finances with anyone else, or device, using the same iCloud account. Furthermore you can enable Money Pilot to perform many of the routine financial maintenance tasks, and transaction records of pre planned financial events for you. 


    You shouldn’t have to spend much time in a finance manager just to keep a grip on your finances. Great care has been taken to ensure that the task of monitoring and entering your finances is a quick as possible, while still maintaining a level of privacy and security that directly linking to your accounts can’t offer. Some will undoubtedly consider the lack of bank account integration a draw back, but Money Pilot considers this a feature. In the current climate of surveillance and databases just waiting to be hacked, people need a way to have fine grained control of their finances without giving up the keys to their accounts. When you do need to login to your bank or biller’s websites to handle that side of the finances, Money Pilot makes it possible to do so with a tap of your finger. You can choose to open these accounts in a built in browser, Safari, or even Chrome and 1Password if you have them installed.


    Money Pilot is now available for iPhones & iPod Touches running iOS 7 in the App Store for just $2.99. You can read more about it on the website, and view a demo video of Money Pilot here. A full press kit complete with a review guide can be downloaded here